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Questions are an integral part of a job interview. The key to brave them is to know their answers before hand. Here is a look at some sample job interview questions. Also provided are some suitable job interview answers to these questions. All these job interview questions are really common.

"Tell us something about yourself."

The right answer to this question focuses both on the personal as well as professional qualities. The key is to be honest, but always talk only about one's best traits. The traits that relate to the desired job should especially be mentioned. It would also help to highlight some of the proudest experiences and accomplishments.

"What is your greatest strength?"

The answer to this question should highlight one’s best skills. It would be smart not to pick just one skill but, focus on the top three or four skills instead. It would help to mention those skills that are required for that particular job.

"What is your greatest weakness?"

This question demands a really careful answer. Mentioning something just for the heck of it can be a real problem. Instead, the right thing to do is relate a weakness that is not a key element required to get the job. This will help to maintain the honesty and leave the right impression.

"How do you handle a stressful situation?"

The right way to answer this is to relate some stressful situations dealt with in the past. One should mention that how he or she used skills like problem solving, time management and decision-making to reduce the stress.

"How did you overcome the toughest problem you ever faced?"

The key to answering this question is to relate a problem that was faced by one's previous organization. Remember the bigger the problem is the solution will appear to be better. It always helps to mention the techniques and skills used to deal with such problems. The successful results should be emphasized. There should not be an attempt to take the whole credit.

"Why do you want this job?"

This answer is fully based on the research done about that particular company. The right way to start is with the explanation that there was always an inherent desire to work with that company. Also adding something about the company to the answer can help a lot.

"Why do you think you are the best person for this job?"

The key to deliver a good answer for this is to be as confident and enthusiastic as possible. It helps to emphasize the several skills and reason that makes one fit for that job. It does not help to refer to oneself as the best qualified person because one doesn't know the qualifications of the other people.

All the above job interview answers are a great form of a job interview help. These answers can help to tackle even the shrewdest interviewers.

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