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With the global economic downturn, job interview is becoming increasingly competitive. Prospective candidates are now coming out of their misconception that a job interview guaranteed them the job itself. There is fierce competition in the professional world and every candidate is hell bent on proving his/her worth at the few job interviews coming their way. In their bid to do so, some become over confident, while others lose out midway by becoming nervous. It should be remembered that a call for a job interview only suggests that the prospective employer would like to test you verbally as you have satisfied the required job profile.

While the resume is the gateway to the professional world, it is the job interview from where your real fight begins. It tests your ability to handle different situations that might come your way in your professional life. There are specific strategies, which if followed carefully, guarantee success at the job interview. One can get to buy books from the market that specialise in tips regarding handling a job interview. A job interview is the most important part of a job search process. Since the entire thing is a practical experience, it can be said that theoretical guidelines can only help you to certain extent.

Candidates with impressive academic track record often believe that their resume is enough to grant them that coveted job. However, it should be kept in mind that physical appearance does matter to some extent in a job interview. It is better for candidates to keep in mind that a job interview is a venue for marketing themselves among their interviewers. One should never go on rambling about oneself. Precise answers, positive attitude and calm composure show that the candidate is confident of his/her ability to perform well if selected.

One should always be dressed in proper formal attire while appearing for a job interview. Minimal jewellery, proper hair-cut, trimmed nails help to give the candidate a professional look. One must also display professionalism at a job interview by avoiding talking about personal issues. Confident handshake devoid of sweaty palms, adequate eye contact and confident answers send out positive vibes at a job interview. Candidates should also carry some extra copies of their resume, some passport size photographs, documents to support statements made in the resume, letters of references, etc. to a job interview. All these should be paid proper attention to.

The key to a successful job interview is a candidate’s ability to respond to the different questions that are almost thrown over to him. One must try to reflect their positive side even while answering questions regarding their weaknesses. Questions such as “how long it took to reach the venue?”, “personal likes and dislikes”, “strengths”, etc. should be tackled adroitly. Again, a candidate might not necessarily know the answers to all questions; in such cases, he must be frank enough to admit it. In a job interview, what matters the most is how well one answers and his ability to handle a stressful situation.

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