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The Global Financial Crisis that started in 2007 left many with nary a hope for stable living conditions. Millions of employees were laid off from positions in companies that they’ve served for years.

To the new job seeker, or the fresh grad, this is a double edged dagger. Positions are left empty, available to the cheapest yet most efficient and eager worker. At the same time, companies are tightening up loose screws; empty seats are also reserved for who they see as the best of the best in the market.

The fact is, the job market is getting tighter and tighter and more unpredictable. How you do in a job interview may very well be the only thing that stands between you and your dream career.

A lot of things factor in to your getting the job you want. This includes your educational background, previous experience, your personal references, even how you write your resume.

Consider the job itself. Sometimes, people think that how you perform at job interviews doesn’t matter to a type of work that doesn’t involve speaking or representing yourself (like for instance, a graphic designer, or a mechanical engineer). Wrong. How you speak and present yourself is always important in whatever field you may specialize in.

A big, often overlooked factor in getting into the career you want is your job interview skills.

The people who interview prospective employees can be the biggest sharks in the business. This is a business strategy. If you can muster the guts, the wits, and the guile to get past a formidable hurdle early on, then maybe, you can start a career with them –whatever expertise you may have to offer.

A good resume can only get you so far up this first hurdle. Same with a diploma from a good university, or that cum laude tag college kids are so proud about.

It’s said that just showing up, just getting to an interview is 99% of the work already done, but they never factored in how hard that remaining 1% is to do. That 1% is the job interview answers, sealing the deal while you’re there. It’s what counts.

With the world in its present condition of financial ruin and chaos, already tight hiring policies are tweaked even tighter. It’s harder than ever to land a job.

And if you’re still in college, imagine how harder it will be to get your dream job after a couple more years. If today, job interview preparation takes a lot of effort, what then years from now?

Consider the strategies you already know in landing an A on a job interview: looking as sharp as you can, polishing up an impressive resume with a list of your most tremendous accomplishments, getting a former employer to write a convincing review of your good character and work ethic –all these traditional methods amount to squat nowadays.

These days, you have to be unique. A person needs a way to be ready, to stand out from the crowd of the millions of jobseekers out there. In the market, there are professional job interview tips to give you the edge, the job interview skills to help you sit on your dream career.

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