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It was Confucius who said that if you found the perfect job, something you are passionate about doing, whatever it is, you won’t have to work a day in your life.

The key to a happy life is finding a career that’s best suited for you. How many people out there are working at a job they’re unhappy with?

Here are a few reasons why able professionals, and skilled degree holders, are in jobs they’re not satisfied with:

The Global Financial Recession (2008)

The year 2008 left most of the world in panic. The inflation rate soared, and gas prices climbed every day and week, not giving any sign of letting up.

For the multinationals, the next step was to tweak their systems for optimal performance, starting with their human machinery - which led to one of the biggest layoffs in the history of the world.

The already tight job market was now more competitive, and a job hunter now needs a better set of job interview skills in order to compete.

The smallest families in the third world countries to the biggest multinational corporations of the G8 (the 8 richest and most powerful nations) had to learn to tighten their belts. Suddenly and almost overnight, everyone had to learn the value of saving up cash and resources.

What job preparation entails

Given the present condition of the job market, even the most skilled professionals need to present themselves better and offer more.

Traditional methods of securing a job you’re after may no longer be appropriate.

Teach yourself to be prepared from the start, and have the right job interview answers that might follow.

Handling Hiring Sharks

What most people often misread as just cruelty or plain meanness is actually a business tradition and tactic. Interviewers are supposed to be sharks, it’s a way to ensure quality in the corporate world, a way to weed out the weak from the herd. The theory goes: if a person’s able to hold his own in a grilling interview, then that person’s more than able and resourceful enough to put on a corporate attitude to life and business –translation: a good employee.

Companies are simply screening their people well, and ensuring quality from the base up.

The wise prospective employee needs to be well rounded, not just skilled or carry a great resume, and not just good at presenting himself either. To land a job in any career, a person need to be immersed in good job interview preparation to arm himself with job interview answers, and get that job interview follow up. It’s often appropriate to write a job interview thank you letter when you are given the job, showing you’re grateful for the opportunity.

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