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In a job interview, especially if it's the first job you've ever applied to, your own body turns against you. The heart races and sweat drops on the forehead, excitement slowly turns to a nervous streak that won’t go away. You’re likely to just look like an undependable amateur, too weak to snag that much needed job.

Common knowledge dictates that in order to ace an interview, you need to put your best foot forward in any way possible. Be the best you can be. Polish yourself up and try your hardest to be a strong, dependable, of course hirable person - even just for an hour, until the interview is over.

This is the wrong perspective to take in job interview preparation. This type of thinking just puts you in an awkward and uncomfortable position. While it is good to try your best to impress, that attitude should come with resolve and your natural personality.

Approaching an interviewer and thinking only about how you can sell yourself as the best candidate for the job will get you anywhere but hired.

Remember that despite your interviewer's intimidating streak, he or she is still a person and people appreciate and remember sincerity. Talking honestly about who you are will be a breath of fresh air to a person who’s spent an entire day screening nervous wrecks and hard-selling eager beavers, and will likely get you a job interview follow up.

Another thing that people forget is that an interview is a conversation. Besides talking about yourself, your achievements and why they should hire you, try listening. Before you end up blabbing away the time with stories about your graduating with honors from some prestigious university (sounding like a total show-off in the process), try listening to what the interviewer really wants to hear from you.

You don't need a killer line, or an impressive quote to make you sound patriotic and dependable, you just need to keep quite and listen. Silence is a normal part of any conversation; it’s the time when people in the conversation think of what to say. It’s okay to be silent if some job interview questions make you think.

Remember: think fast and speak slowly. Take fair enough time to think of good answers and speak as you would to a friend, calmly and surely.

The thing about these kinds of interviews is, in the first place, you're already qualified for the job that’s why you’re being interviewed in the first place. You’ve hooked the fish, now just slowly but surely reel it in. You’re already right for the job, so you have nothing to be nervous about.

You just have to convince the interviewer that you're up to speed, and you really are what you say in your resume. All the job interview skills you need are being yourself with a dash of confidence.

Acing a job interview is fairly easy. It's a matter of convincing yourself, believing the fact that you deserve the job more than anyone else who’s applied.

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