Digital Lead Investing System (It’s Meaning?)

Digital Lead Investing is a lead generation system taught by Lucas Lee-Tyson from Growth Cave.

The term “digital lead investing” refers to a system of using social media marketing to generate more leads on the internet, by using unique targeting methods to reach a more engaged, more targeted audience.

What Does Digital Lead Investing Mean?

Digital Lead Investing means generating leads on the internet.

The Growth Cave Digital Lead Investing course by Lucas Lee-Tyson refers specifically to lead generation by using local geographical targeting with social media platforms.

Lucas Lee-Tyson (Growth Cave)

This training course is by Lucas Lee-Tyson who runs the Growth Cave brand.

He got started in the online marketing industry at a young age and has already been making big moves and a name for himself.

His ambitious approach and willingness to take risk and try out cutting-edge marketing strategies has been his recipe for success.

He has past experience working for big name brand such as Facebook and Google and has a lot of experience with the YouTube platform.

But now he focused full-time on teaching students how to make the most out of running their own paid advertising campaigns on social media platforms in order to generate more leads and sales online.

It would be good, however, if the Growth Cave brand had a wider presence themselves on the YouTube platform with more tutorial videos etc.

This has been done to good effect by the Dow Janes and Remote Integrator brands.

There is one high quality YouTube training video of around 50 minutes in length to demonstrate that Lucas knows his stuff. But some customer reviews, more tutorials, and general tips videos would help build more trust around the course.

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Digital Lead Investing System Review

Growth Cave clients will learn how to quickly put together their own online business and business plan, that is built around generating leads online via social media.

In this Digital Lead Investing review, it is important to highlight that local marketing is a big part of the system.

So instead of aimlessly advertising to the world as a whole, you are learning how to specifically target your ideal customer in the appropriate geographical location.

It can also lead to lower pay per click (PPC) costs and thus a lower lead acquisition cost, leaving members more room to really scale their business.

This approach can be used either for your own projects or by generating leads on the internet for local businesses.

When you do marketing for local businesses then the whole world opens up and it is far less competitive that general online marketing strategies that most people teach.

Many positive Digital Lead Investing reviews are focusing in on this unique local marketing approach to lead generation.

Overall, in this Growth Cave Digital Lead Investing review, it looks like members will get a good overall education in the main aspects of digital marketing: traffic & lead generation, conversions, and scaling a business.

Then you specialize down into targeting specific audience for better lead acquisition costs and discovering how to become an unstoppable force in the world of paid social media advertising.

Digital Lead Investing is a high ticket course so it may not be for a complete newbie with zero marketing or business experience. But the higher price point does reflect the hands-on and unique approach to take on internet based lead generation.

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