Dow Janes and The Million Dollar Year Explained

Dow Janes is the brand behind the DowJanes Million Dollar Year Masterclass Course, which is a unique financial education experience aimed at women.

The Million Dollar Year program was founded by Laurie-Anne King and Britt William Baker from the DowJanes company.

They spotted an opening in the market to produce financial education courses specifically aimed at women, but in a fun, entertaining, and empowering manner.

Lot’s of people are searching for DowJanes reviews and more information on this brand at their Million Dollar Year program.

This is because there is quite a bit of buzz surrounding them because of the uniqueness to their training course, and also because they do a really good job spreading the word via social media, videos, and podcast interviews.

Dow Janes and The Million Dollar Year?

The Million Dollar Year is the flagship mentoring course from Dow Janes, that aims to empower women in achieving financial independence no matter what their starting point is.

The content is delivered in a fun way that is both actionable, feminine, and also empowering.

There is a The Million Dollar Year Masterclass on the website, which is a free webinar training session (similar to the masterclass training delivered in the Remote Integrator program) to give away free actionable content in the hope it will help persuade the viewer to sign-up to the fully paid Million Dollar Year product.

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Is Dow Janes a Legit Program?

There is a lot of trust and credibility surrounding the Dow Janes team, because they deliver the goods even with free content in the form of YouTube videos, social media posts, podcast interviews, and training masterclasses.

Also, they avoid all the hype of lots of financial and investing programs. It has even been referred to as a “get rich slowly” program to ensure that clients have realistic, long-term expectations going into it.

The aim is that customers of the Million Dollar Year will gain a financial foundation that will last the test of time.

DowJanes – The Million Dollar Year Contents

Here is what is includes in the DowJanes Million Dollar Year Masterclass product:

  1. The 12-Step Dow Janes Training Program
  2. Weekly Q&A sessions with professional financial coaches
  3. Weekly accountability via email and text messages
  4. Online training material accessible 24/7: videos, workbooks, spreadsheets etc.
  5. Networking opportunities

How Much Does Dow Janes Cost? (Million Dollar Year Price?)

The Dow Janes cost for The Million Dollar Year is around $2,000. It is a high ticket program.

These high ticket products are not for everyone as there is a big initial expense. It is aimed at professionally minded women who have realistic expectations at growing their wealth over the coming years and are willing to invest a reasonable amount into education to help achieve those goals.

Those looking for a quick fix are not likely to be suited to the high priced nature of this course.

Dow Janes Million Dollar Year Masterclass – A Summary

It is great to see a unique, authentic program like this to hit the marketplace and carve out their own specific niche with specifically empowering women with cutting-edge financial education.

Whilst they have some exciting goals that they want to achieve for their clients (the hint is in the Million Dollar Year product title!), they are realistic and down to earth in the way the content is presented.

It will be exciting to see how the website, brand and their product offerings progress over the coming years.

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