E-Farming Challenge (Does Igor Deliver The Goods?)

E-Farming Profits is a new phrase Igor Kheifets has coined for use with his E-Farming Challenge course.

What Is E-Farming?

E-Farming, when used in the digital marketing space, is the phrase Igor came up with to describe the process of email list building in a unique way.

It is seeing gurus and celebrities build big databases of fans & subscribers via both social media and email service providers that gave him the idea for the name and course.

But in the internet marketing business, this is not really something new.

It is simply the process of buying solo ads to build an email list and using that list to promote affiliate offers.

However, Igor has a few twists in the course that makes this stand out from the typical “buy solo ads to build a list” programs out there right now.

E-Farming Challenge Reviews

There are some positive E-Farming Challenge reviews featured on his E-Farming Challenge Sales Page:

“I now have 9,919 emails on my e-Farm and am making thousands of dollars in passive income every week. If it wasn’t for Igor, I would have never gotten the confidence, the knowledge and the contacts I added to build an online business that produces consistent income.” *Disclaimer: your results may vary

Some other E-Farming Challenge review posts are referring to Igor himself as a coach in general, rather that specifically to the latest E-Farming Profits course:

“Before meeting Igor, I was trying to make money online but I didn’t know what I was doing. I was jumping from one method to another. Igor showed me the ropes. Implementing his techniques quickly ramped up my income to $10,000, $20,000 and now $30,000 per month. Listen to Igor and do everything he tells you and you’ll succeed in your online business.” *Disclaimer: your results may vary

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E-Farming Challenge Course Contents

  • 30 Day E-Farming Challenge Course
  • Quick Start Guide for Automation
  • Fill in the blanks emails
  • Passive income training
  • Done For Your Traffic Rolodex and Income Stream Rolodex
  • A “done for you” E-Farm

E-Farming Challenge Bonuses

To entice the customer to get involved with his new product launch, Igor has offered the following bonuses:

  • Your first “E-Farm” setup for you
  • Training on how to build your 1st email list up to 10,000 subscribers ASAP
  • E-Farming Profits multiplier site
  • Case studies of a profitable 100k campaign
  • Done for you promotions already written and ready to use
  • Access to existing profitable campaigns to duplicate

What Makes E-Farming Challenge Different?

There are tons of internet marketing training courses that simply teach people to go and buy solo ads in order to build a list of leads that they can email affiliate offers to.

But Igor’s E-Farming Challenge does seem different and unique to that.

One of the main things to highlight is that he provides traffic sources that go beyond just the typical “solo ad vendors” that most people are already using.

Some of his more advanced students even build their list with CPL offers from affiliate networks. This is where they get the network to pay other affiliate marketers around $1.20 or so for every new subscriber that they generate for them.

Also, Igor’s E-Farming Profits promotions often tend to be built around high ticket webinar affiliate offers.

When a unique traffic source is combined with a high ticket affiliate offer that has high conversions, then that is when solo ads list building can finally start to work for some people.

Some of his advanced students are also given branded pages where you get your name and photo on the landing pages next to Igor’s. So it looks like you are both presenting the webinar/offer. This branding adds credibility to help improve conversion rates.

E-Farming Challenge Review Wrap-Up

E-Farming Challenge is a good way for people to learn from a list building expert and build their first big email list so that they can start mailing out promotional affiliate offers to it.

The course is around $200 so is a mid ticket offering. It seems good value for what you get. I recently covered high ticket products with Digital Lead Investing and Dow Janes, but this one is at a lower entry price point.

The E-Farming phrase is a bit of marketing hype as it simply refers to buying traffic to build an email list. However, the unique traffic sources and sales funnel approach that Igor uses does make it stand out from most other courses on this subject.

He certainly knows his stuff on traffic and conversions and will no doubt be sharing the goods in the E-Farming Challenge.

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