Job Interview Questions: Retail (5 Specifics)

Job interview questions for retail are not much different to standard interviews, but with more of a focus on dealing directly with customers in person.

The popular Job Search website, Indeed, has done a great job highlighting the main questions to review before your retail job interview.

Here is a quick summary of these retail interview questions.

Interview Questions For A Retail Job

Why Do You Want To Work Here?

Refer to the company’s own values and state where they are similar to your own. Express interest/passion about their product, and how the place of work will help you achieve future goals.

What Are Your Strengths?

Interview questions for a retail job about your strengths should focus on how you are good at working with others and dealing with customers, and providing specific examples from previous jobs/life experience to back up each statement you make.

What Are Your Weaknesses?

Turn this around to talk about your strength. Talk about a mild issue you had with a past job (of life in general), and how you found a solution to improve the situation make things better for both you and your employer.

Where Do You See Yourself in 5 / 10 Years Time?

Highlight some ambitions of progress in work and life and how you believe this retail job can help you work towards that, gain new skills, and improve your goals. Again, specifically compare your own goals and values with those stated by the company themself.

A great resource to dive further into job interview questions for retail is the post on the Indeed website, as well as their video about interview questions for a retail job as embedded into this page.