Velovita MLM Review (Business Model Revealed)

Many Velovita reviews are focusing on the retail products, which is great to see.

This review of Velovita, however, is looking at the MLM business opportunity side of things.

To help increase sales, the company has adopted a network marketing style business model. Distributors get referral commissions for generating sales of the product line.

There is also a recruiting aspect to it, where members get commissions when affiliates they refer buy and sell their own products.

The company has experienced quite rapid growth recently.

This is because of the combination of high quality health related products, and the network of affiliates going out there spreading the word about the company.

Velovita MLM Review – Pros & Cons

As with many companies in the MLM business opportunity space, Velovita has a very enthusiastic network of distributors and customers to promote the product.

With many of these type of businesses, the affiliates and customers do overlap quite a bit as many of the same people buying the products are also promoting them for commissions.

But it is good to see the company encourage retail sales of the product line to those outside the Velovita compensation plan.

Other advantages include the high level of customer support, with full-time support staff at hand to answer customer questions, deal with returns, and also manage the affiliates to make sure they have everything needed to succeed.

The brand is also of a high reputation, with their focus on promoting an extensive range of unique health related products to a retail consumer base.

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The main Velovita MLM disadvantages are not unique to this company.

As with most opportunities like there, there is a product purchase needed to qualify to receive commissions as an affiliate.

The more product purchased, the quicker the affiliate qualifies at the higher level for more percentage commissions and bonuses.

And some people are likely to get too caught up in recruiting a network of affiliates to earn their commission than actually selling product to end consumers outside of the Velovita business plan.

We have reviewed other systems recently that operate under various different business models including: Dow Janes in the financial market, E-Farming Challenge about email list building, Remote Integrator on outsourcing, and Digital Lead Investing for online lead generation.

Velovita MLM Compensation Plan

The compensation for Velovita is a standard MLM one where commissions of around 10% to 15% are paid out to those that refer others and generate sales. Higher levels of compensation are available for those that buy and sell more volume of product and build a bigger network of distributors under them.

They have typical matrix style commissions, matching bonuses, and residual income for recurring product subscriptions like many other network marketing companies do as well.

Velovita Products

The basic Velovita product is Bran and for just 1 box that costs $65.

The Velovita MLM model is often based around promoting the bran product at varying levels.

The more product purchased upfront by the affiliate, the higher rank they achieve and thus higher commission payouts they qualify for.

Promoter level requires 6 boxes of product purchase, Influencer level requires $650 of product, and Ambassador level requires 25 boxes.

Other Velovita products include zlem, uuth, plos as well as the Velovita Snaps.

Velovita Reviews – A Summary

There are many Velovita reviews out there, with both positive and negative things being reported.

The unique product line for the health industry seems very impressive, and they have made for impressive social media snippets that can be shared such as with the TikTok Velovita snaps.

It is good to see such a strong retail product line for an MLM business opportunity.

Negative Velovita reviews will focus on the network marketing side of things as some people do not like the MLM business model, no matter how good the products on offer are.

Whether people think the business model is for them or not, there is no doubt that the company will continue to innovate with their health products and compensation plan structure built around them.

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